The October/November issue of AARP Magazine observed that there are 40 million caregivers in the United States and called them “the real American nobility.”

Editor in Chief Robert Love also observed, “We humans show our nobility when we put ourselves aside and care for those in need.

Help For Caregivers

help for caregivers

Caregiving doesn’t come without taking a toll. The American Psychological Association has a long list of the common problems that may affect caregivers, such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems and risk of injury.

Next Day Access knows very well the strains under which caregivers operate and can provide many solutions in home accessibility that mitigate the inherent problems in this potentially difficult time of life. Home Caregivers can get help from Next Day Access’ product line to reduce the risk of injury by making their jobs simpler and safer.

In families where a wheelchair is in use and wheelchair access to the home or garage has been impeded, Next Day Access can equip that residence with the finest in wheelchair ramps. Caregivers can then more easily move their loved one with less physical effort and fear of a fall.

How Next Day Access Helps Caregivers

A Next Day Access patient lift in the bedroom can be a crucial part of accessibility solutions. A patient lift is a device used to help a caregiver move a patient – from a bed to a wheelchair, from the bed to other household areas, or from a bed to a bathroom to access a bathtub, shower and toilet. The lift prevents injury to the caregiver or patient while movement takes place.

Look to Next Day Access to deliver a “whole home, whole life” plan for accessibility. Whole home means we can address each area of your home and recommend a professional accessibility solution that allows patients and caretakers the freedom and independence to enjoy every level of their home. Whole life means we can adapt the home to meet today’s needs, as well as those of tomorrow.

Caretakers need not do their work alone. Not when Next Day Access stands ready to provide a free in-home estimate once you make that first call.