Thousands of people trip and fall each year, and many of them have serious consequences. This is especially true for an aging parent or elderly loved one who may not be able to recover from the injury as quickly. According to the National Council on Aging, an elder adult goes to the emergency room every 11 seconds in America to treat injuries resulting from a fall. Knowing the most common causes can help you understand how to prevent a fall in the future.

Common Causes For Falls Outside

Things like trip hazards, loose handrails, and slippery footing are obvious causes for falls that occur outside. What may not be as obvious when providing senior care are characteristics like their eyesight, balance, reflexes, reactions to medication, muscle weakness and much more. In most cases, there is a specific reason why a person falls outside and that reason likely could have been prevented. 

Ways To Prevent Falls

When caring for an aging parent, it’s important to be proactive in ensuring they are safe when they go outside. Here are great ways to prevent falls outside:

  1. Test your loved one’s eyesight and hearing. Even minor changes in these senses can make them more vulnerable to falling.
  2. Do strength training with your loved one. Improving flexibility and muscle strength can make them more stable when moving around.
  3. Invest in a quality wheelchair ramp. Eliminating stairs can contribute to fewer falls and make moving outside much easier.
  4. Install grab bars. These can be placed on porches, along walls, in garages and essentially anywhere your loved one walks outside to help keep their footing stable.
  5. Consider installing a porch lift or similar accessibility product. These products can significantly reduce the risk of falling, while still allowing your loved one to do the things they enjoy in their yard.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that falls are the most common cause of trauma-related hospital admissions and the leading cause of fatal injury in older adults. Next Day Access is dedicated to reducing these statistics by providing accessibility solutions to help prevent falls. Feel free to contact us to set up a free home assessment to see which accessibility solutions could be ideal for you or your loved one.