We all go through many different changes as we get older. Whether it’s physical changes, developing health concerns, or simply having more aches and pains in the morning, changes are the natural part of getting older. One of the changes many people experience relates to their vision. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, roughly 33% of people will have some type of eye disease by the time they turn 65. Experiencing vision loss can be inconvenient and dangerous, so here are some tips to consider for seniors who want to age in place and have poor vision.

Focus On Lighting

The appropriate lighting throughout the home is crucial to preventing falls, especially for  the bathroom and the hallway. Investing in nightlights is a simple solution to ensure seniors can navigate the space with ease. Seniors should also pay attention to which areas of their homes are brighter than others and improve the lighting in the areas that need it. 

Eliminate Clutter And Create Open Spaces

Part of senior living can include eliminating clutter throughout the home and creating open spaces as much as possible. Even items like rugs can get in the way and cause seniors to trip. It’s easier than you think to prevent falls in the home, and sometimes all it takes is removing rugs and rearranging furniture. If there’s a lot of clutter present, consider taking some time to sort through the items and donating or selling the ones you don’t need anymore.

Utilize Mobility Products And Aids

Seniors with vision loss can benefit greatly from certain mobility products and aids. Installing threshold ramps helps prevent falls, as well as simple items like grab bars in the bathroom. You could even go as far as replacing your bathtub or shower with a walk-in version; so it’s easier to access. There are a variety of resources that you can use to help you safely age in place.

Next Day Access can help seniors with vision loss have a safer living space. Seniors often don’t realize their vision is deteriorating since it’s a slow process. However, if you notice you’re tripping more often than normal or having a harder time seeing at night, then it might be time to look into some home adjustments. No matter how big or small the changes are, we can help. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a free home assessment to improve the safety of your home.