Many people across the country and worldwide deal with stress daily. According to an AARP survey, about 40% of Americans ages 18-34 feel more stressed today than they did three years ago, compared to about 26% of the aging population age 65 and older feel the same way. Everyone has unique stressors they deal with, but the most common ones include finances, responsibilities, family, work, politics, health and other factors. Sometimes distancing yourself from these factors even temporarily can go a long way in reducing your daily stress. Here are some tips and strategies to try incorporating if you constantly feel stressed.

Find A Good Laugh

Laughter is one of the most effective medications for a variety of situations, and it’s free for everyone to take. The positive feelings of laughing can stick with you long afterward and can turn around your day almost instantly. Laughter can reduce stress hormones, decrease anxiety, relax your muscles and improve your overall mood. Whether it’s watching funny videos online, talking with a loved one about old times or anything else that creates a good laugh, you may be surprised at how much better you feel afterward.

Be Mindful Of What Triggers Your Stress

Stress triggers can be difficult to identify for seniors practicing independent living. It requires being more conscious of your thoughts and feelings and noticing when they turn negative. This could happen when you watch a certain television program, feel overwhelmed with work or family issues or anything else. The key is to identify your feelings of being overwhelmed and step back from the situation briefly. Negative thoughts can consume our minds, so think about the positive things in your life when you see they are creeping in.

Call a Friend Or Family Member Even If You’re Not Feeling Stressed

Practicing independent living doesn’t mean you can’t call friends or family at any time. They love hearing your voice just as much as you love hearing theirs. With the busy lives we have, it’s often difficult to find the time just to chat. Sometimes the most ideal type of senior care is keeping relationships strong by talking on the phone or even participating in video calls so you can see each other.

Limit The Amount Of News You Watch

Staying current with the news is important, but there can be a lot of negativity portrayed as well. Depending on the news outlet you watch and how often you watch it, you could be voluntarily exposing yourself to negativity all day, which is enough to stress anyone out. Keep up with the news by watching it once or twice a day, but avoid keeping it on throughout the day.

Stress occurs in people of all ages, even the aging population. An important factor of senior care that often gets overlooked is the mental health aspect. Reducing daily stress can help seniors stay healthy and happy for years to come. If there’s anything you need to reduce stress surrounding limited mobility at your home, contact us at Next Day Access.