Technology today allows people to connect their home fire and smoke alarm directly to a home security system that will alert the fire department in the event of a fire. This technology is great for ensuring seniors get out of the house safely during a fire, as well as potentially preventing the house from burning down. However, it won’t prevent a fire from occurring in the first place. Seniors practicing independent living may need assistance with some things, whether they ask for it or not. Most house fires occur by accident, so consider these tips to help seniors prevent a house fire.

Find Alternatives To Lighting Candles

Candles provide a welcoming and pleasant scent throughout the home. The problem is it’s easy to forget about a lit candle if it’s not in clear view, and a fire could potentially break out as a result. No matter how much senior care you have to provide for an aging loved one, consider giving them electric wax warmers to replace their candles. These provide equally pleasing scents to enjoy throughout the home without the risk of an open flame potentially catching something on fire. 

Do The Cooking For Senior Loved Ones

Many house fires begin in the kitchen. Anything from grease fires to leaving open flames unattended can lead to potentially devastating results. Seniors striving for independent living may take great pride in cooking for themselves, but it’s also essential to ensure they are doing it safely. Listen for clues that they may need extra assistance. If they tell you they ruined their dinner by leaving the oven on for too long or boiled water completely out of the pot, it may be time to provide some extra senior care. Doing the cooking for them can be fun as you discuss different meal options, and it will also prevent accidental house fires when cooking.

Check Electrical Cords Periodically

Electrical cords are often overlooked and rarely checked if they are out of plain sight. However, over time, some cords may be moved around and possibly crimped when moving furniture or other items around them. Electrical fires are sometimes unavoidable, but the least you can do is check any exposed cords you have access to and replace them if they are frayed or damaged. Old cords are inexpensive enough to replace and can prevent electrical fires from occurring.

Next Day Access helps seniors in their efforts of independent living. We offer a wide range of mobility products and devices, like a wheelchair ramp, mobility scooter, stair lift, and much more. We genuinely care about seniors’ health and well-being and are here to help both them and those providing senior care. A house fire can be devastating for seniors, and most can be prevented. If there’s any way we can help your senior loved one live a happier and safer life, contact us at any time, and we would be happy to talk to you.