Google is known for being ahead of the game when it comes to technological advances, and they’ve done it again with their latest updates. This time they’ve geared their updates toward helping people with disabilities with some of their apps, including Live Transcribe, Google Maps, Sound Amplifier, and Action Block. People with a cognitive disability often struggle with navigating various apps because they have to tap their device multiple times and can get confused along the way. Google has simplified this process and has expanded its accessibility services to help people with disabilities in many ways.

How Action Blocks Can Help People With Disabilities

Action Blocks is a new app developed by Google. It’s designed to allow users who would normally have to make multiple taps on the screen to perform a task to just use a single tap. For example, making a phone call to a caregiver, turning off the lights in a home, or other routine tasks are simplified. Action Blocks help both people with a cognitive disability and a physical disability. People with a cognitive disability won’t have to remember how to access multiple apps, while people with a physical disability won’t have to get up and navigate their home as much to do routine tasks.

Helpful Updates To Google Maps

One of the biggest updates Google has implemented is the addition of Accessible Places in Google Maps. When a user has Google Maps open, they will see a wheelchair icon at establishments that have accessible entrances. They can also learn more about how accessible the parking, seating, and even the restrooms are right in the app without having to go to the place and learn for themselves. People with disabilities can enjoy the ultimate convenience and know they won’t be stranded inside a building that doesn’t have accessible features.

Google Is At The Forefront Of Technological Advances

Other technologies Google has updated include Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier. With Live Transcribe, it provides accurate transcriptions in real-time, which is useful for people who can’t hear very well or clearly. While Sound Amplifier helps make speech and other sounds easier to hear. These technological advances have people with disabilities in mind and can be beneficial in many different aspects of life.

One of the most important characteristics people with disabilities have to have is adaptability. You have to adapt to your surroundings often since many locations don’t have the highest accessibility standards. And you might even have to adapt to your environment and make adjustments as you get older and have a tough time moving around and performing routine tasks. With companies like Google bringing innovations to expand accessibility services, people with a physical or cognitive disability can enjoy their lifestyle more. Next Day Access can also help people with disabilities by providing mobility devices and services to help them be comfortable at home. If there’s any aspect of your home that could be more accessible, contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a free assessment.