Gardening is an activity that has multiple purposes and just as many benefits for seniors. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a good garden, and the physical benefits are well worth it. Plus, seniors enjoy the mental aspects of a beautiful garden as it gives them a sense of purpose and pride when they see the fruits of their labor. If you have an aging parent who wants to start a garden this spring, help them make it easier to access and maintain. Gardening is one of the most beneficial outdoor activities they can do, and here are some ways it can be done with ease.

Make Your Garden Accessible

It can be hard work having a beautiful garden when you think about the physical labor of digging, being on your hands and knees, pulling weeds, and more. The problem with this is seniors might not be physically able to do everything they need to, so a great solution is to build a raised garden that’s more accessible. They can still pull weeds, water, and do regular maintenance on their garden without the physical burdens of bending over and potentially injuring themselves. When gardening is easier, it’s more enjoyable and seniors are more likely to stick with it all season.

Create A Safe Path To Your Garden

Remove any obstacles you might have between the door and your garden. If you have an outdoor patio or steps you have to use, consider installing a vertical platform lift. This device can help you get in and out of the house with ease so you don’t have to expend extra effort. You’ll need that effort for your garden, so save it up. It’s also ideal to keep the yard mowed so it won’t be difficult to walk through tall grass. Any other clutter you have between your house and garden should be cleared to have an unobstructed path and reduce the risk of falling.

Ask For Help When Needed

Possibly the most important tip to remember this spring is to ask for help whenever you need it. Your kids would love to help their aging parent, but if they aren’t around, then consider asking a neighbor or hiring a professional. The process of starting a garden can be physically strenuous when you think about the digging, pulling, and lifting you have to do. Get assistance with those tasks rather than attempting them yourself and potentially getting hurt as a result. The last thing you want to happen is to get hurt and not be able to spend as much time gardening.

Participating in outdoor activities is one of the most ideal ways for seniors to get exercise. Gardening offers many different benefits in this regard, and there are plenty of ways to make it safe for seniors. Next Day Access can help by installing a vertical platform lift, wheelchair ramp, or other mobility aids depending on the layout of your space. If you need your garden to be more accessible, contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and see how we can help.