When a family member suffers an injury or an illness that makes accessibility in the home an issue, one natural inclination is to consider selling the home and moving to a place with no stairs and easy access from the garage to the inside of the home.

Perhaps that is the right decision. Perhaps it is time. But it might not have to be that way. Many people who are aging in place do not care to leave behind the dwelling in which they’ve been happy, which is familiar, where memories were made.

They don’t want to leave their neighborhood, their place of worship, their friends. And they very well might not have to.

With modest modifications to the home – be it a stair lift or a ramp or both – many people find they can stay right where they are at a reasonable cost. Next Day Access’ accessibility solutions ease not only the strain on the body but on the mind as well.

Problems with staircases and the strenuous physical feat of ascending and descending stairs are put to an end with a stair lift from your locally owned and operated Next Day Access franchise, a leader in home accessibility solutions. Our sturdily-built ramps make it easy for a wheelchair user to avoid steps and continue to enjoy independence.

Don’t call your real estate agent. Call Next Day Access. We provide free in-home estimates and simply ask you to imagine a home without barriers. The dream is real. Let us help you stay where you feel you belong.