male-caregiverAbout 25 percent of caregivers in America are 18 to 34 years of age, according to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving’s 2015 caregiving report. This millennial generation shoulders a great responsibility.

There are huge emotional and mental strains involved with taking care of loved ones, family, the sick or the elderly. Next Day Access can certainly help with some of the physical aspects.

It is not easy to move patients – whether they are in a wheelchair or more or less bound to the bed. Simple daily routines, especially toileting and bathing, may seem impossible. Next Day Access offers a great accessibility solution with its patient lifts.

A patient lift is used to assist a caregiver in getting a person from a bed to a wheelchair or to the bathroom to use the tub, shower and toilet. The lift can help  prevent injury to the caregiver and the patient.

Next Day Access offers two excellent choices in patient lifts – a free-standing lift over a bed or in a bathroom, or a ceiling lift attached above.

An injured caregiver may need care herself, or himself. Why risk injury when Next Day Access can make patient transport much safer and easier?

Patient lifts come in simple configurations or may be designed for more complex. Patient lifts can be purchased or rented from Next Day Access for your convenience and safety. Call Next Day Access today at 1-800-423-0751 to discuss the options and get your free, in-home estimate.