Keeping seniors physically active and mentally engaged is always important. This importance is even higher today with the global pandemic that has affected everyone in some form. As a primary caregiver, encouraging certain activities can help keep their minds sharp and help prevent them from feeling lonely, discouraged, depressed or anxious. Here are some fun and simple ways to keep your elderly loved one engaged and active.

Suggest Fun Physical Activities

When caring for a loved one, ensuring they get enough physical exercise is one of the biggest challenges, especially if they have mobility limitations. Walking on a treadmill or other piece of equipment usually isn’t attractive, but going out on a walk outdoors can be a refreshing way to get some exercise. You could also encourage outdoor activities like gardening to keep them moving. Just be sure you have them set up with the proper safety features and equipment they need to stay safe while participating in these activities.

Entertain Ideas For Hobbies

The aging population may have had different hobbies growing up than they do now. With more time on their hands, this could be a great opportunity to resurrect some of those older hobbies. If your loved one used to crochet, knit, write a journal, craft or do any other hobby, consider setting them up to do those again. It could end up being an old, but a newfound hobby that keeps their mind active and engaged.

Set Aside Time To Chat

Being stuck at home is just as difficult for the primary caregiver as it is for the senior being cared for. Consider setting a specific time every day for your loved one to chat with other friends or family members. Even a 20-minute conversation to hear how someone’s day went could make a world of difference to a senior who may not be able to connect with family as much nowadays. 

Start A Scrapbook

Scrapbooking can take your elderly loved one down memory lane and keep their mind active in the process. Find old photos and buy them an empty scrapbook to get them started. This is a simple activity most seniors would love to do, and you may even get to hear some amazing stories from their past as they go through the old photos.

Plan And Prioritize Meals

Meal planning can be fun when caring for a loved one. Think about some healthy and creative dishes you could prepare together and some they can prepare on their own. Eating the same thing constantly can get boring and may even lead to poor eating habits. Make meal planning and prioritizing a weekly thing to do. It will make your job as a primary caregiver a little easier and you may even get some help with the cooking as a result.
Seniors need to stay active to be as healthy as possible. Limited mobility could prevent certain activities in the home, but assistive devices can help tremendously. Contact Next Day Access for a free home evaluation to see if an assistive device could improve the quality of life of your loved one at home.