The feeling of loneliness and isolation can sometimes be overwhelming for seniors. And this feeling can happen whether you’re living in an assisted living facility, at home by yourself or any other place. Keeping the mind sharp, staying active and being social are all great ways to make independent senior living as positive as possible. What better way to do so than by having a dog to be your companion at all times? Here are five benefits dogs offer seniors.

Encourage Exercise And Activity

As a senior, you may not want to get a puppy or a dog with a lot of energy since they require a lot of attention. However, even an older dog will want to get up from their bed and play fetch or go for a walk occasionally. Simply having the sad puppy eyes look at you when you’re relaxing on the couch can be enough to make you want to get up and be active with them. 

Reduce Anxiety

Dogs have a way of making you feel comfortable no matter where you are. Whether you bring your dog out in social situations or if you experience anxiety at home sometimes, your companion is going to be there for you. As you get to know your dog, they may even be able to tell when you’re feeling a little anxious and snuggle up to you to indicate everything is going to be fine. The senses dogs have are incredible.

Safety And Security

A common fear about senior living that elderly people have is the lack of sense of security in their own homes. Every creak in the house can be frightening at night. However, when you know you have a dog by your side hearing the same thing, you can feel at peace knowing they would get up and deter any suspicious activity if it was happening. 

Keep The Mind Sharp

While dogs may not understand the human language, they can sense your tone of voice and they want to learn our language as much as possible. When it comes to senior living, keeping your mind sharp is very important. You can do so by talking to your dog throughout the day, teaching them new tricks, reading books aloud to them or anything else you enjoy doing.

Have A Companion By Your Side

The one thing about independent living many seniors discuss is not having a companion by their side. A caretaker helps with senior care, but sometimes doesn’t provide the companionship desired. When you have a dog, they will be there for you when you need them and even when you don’t. A true companion is hard to find with the busy lives we have as people, but when you have a dog, all they have is you.

Finding the right dog as you enjoy independent senior living can greatly enhance your life. And when you do, Next Day Access is here to help make your life easier at home for you and your dog.