If you spend a good portion of your time in your wheelchair, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the most comfortable one possible. Sitting in a comfortable seat is one reason why, but another reason could be that you’re causing long-term issues to your body. For example, if the seat cushion isn’t comfortable, you may be shifting your body weight from side to side to find a comfortable spot. And without proper support, you might experience back issues and damage your chances of independent living as a result. We’ve discussed four effective ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable.

Upgrade The Armrests

The armrests often get overlooked when it comes to the comfort of a wheelchair. It’s particularly important to have comfortable armrests with manual wheelchairs since your arms come in contact with them more. These don’t have to be thick and plush like your seat cushion, but any sort of cushion will go a long way in making the armrest feel more comfortable.

Splurge On A Wheelchair Seat Cushion

If a physical disability has you confined to a wheelchair most of the time, then it’s worth it to splurge on a luxurious wheelchair seat cushion. Try out different versions to see which ones you like the most based on the terrain you ride on. You can find wheelchair seat cushions with varying types of materials and thicknesses to find the perfect one. Just be sure to evaluate the cushion after you’ve used it for a while and replace it when it starts getting worn down and not as plush.

Incorporate Proper Lumbar Support

Lumbar support cushions are placed near the lower back to help support that area of the body. People who work at a computer desk all day often use lumbar supports, and wheelchair users should strongly consider using them as well. Sometimes a wheelchair may not have the proper lumbar support built-in, so your back could get fatigued no matter how comfortable the seat cushion and armrests are. The last thing you want to happen is to start experiencing back pain to go with the physical disability you already have.

Add Accessories To Make Life More Convenient

If you go to different places in your wheelchair and carry a purse, food, drinks, medical equipment, or other similar items, it can be inconvenient to hold those in your lap. Common accessories wheelchair users invest in include pouches and backpacks that attach to the sides or the back of the wheelchair. They come in various sizes so you can decide exactly what you need.

Next Day Access is all about creating the most comfortable situation possible for people who have a physical disability. The wheelchair itself sometimes isn’t enough to provide the ultimate comfort, but the good news is you can add plenty of accessories to make it feel exactly how you want to. Our experts can help you determine which cushions and accessories can fit your needs, so contact us today to learn more.