Whether you are dealing with a disability or if your age is making it more difficult to move around throughout the day, you already know what your day-to-day challenges are. It shouldn’t be a major challenge to perform basic tasks and live an active lifestyle. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates over 25 million Americans have disabilities that limit their travel in some capacity. In many situations, the right mobility equipment can make your day-to-day life and any transportation arrangements much simpler.

Have Wheelchair Ramps Installed

Going up and down stairs can be challenging and dangerous for people with limited mobility. Even small steps can be enough to throw off your balance. A common solution is to install wheelchair ramps for easy access in and out of your home. You don’t have to be temporarily or permanently bound to a wheelchair for a ramp to be beneficial since the gradual incline and decline are much easier than stepping up and down stairs.

Boost Comfort With Chair Lifts

Investing in chair lifts can significantly increase your quality of life. They are designed to lean forward to help you stand up easier from a seated position. Chair lifts help to reduce the pressure applied to your muscles, joints, and bones when you need to get up from your chair. Plus, you’ll have more stability to reduce the risk of losing your balance and falling. There are many chair lift options available to fit a variety of needs.

Try A Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters can be used inside or outside the home. If you like living an active lifestyle and going to different places outside of the home, then you may also consider purchasing a vehicle lift so you can take the scooter wherever you go. These devices are simple to use and can provide an instant boost to your quality of life. Three-wheeled versions offer better maneuverability and are ideal for navigating tight spaces on even surfaces. Four-wheeled mobility scooters provide more stability due to even weight distribution, which is important if you often ride over rough or uneven terrain.

Stair Lifts Make Staircases Safer

If you have a multi-story home or a porch with several stairs, then a stair lift is a great consideration to make your home safer. It attaches to the staircase itself for ultimate stability to go up and down your stairs with ease and without having to lift a foot sometimes. There are multiple options available whether you have a straight staircase, a curved staircase or even one with multiple landings.

Next Day Access is here to help make your home wheelchair accessible to improve your day-to-day life. Living a high quality of life is entirely possible, even if you can’t move around easily on your own. To learn more about our accessibility products and to receive a free home assessment, contact us at any time.