There may come a time when your aging parent can’t move around as well as they used to. You don’t have to put them in a nursing home or assisted living center because of it, though. Sometimes seniors with mobility concerns can still live a great life in the comfort of their home but just need a little more help than usual. Your senior parent may not reach out to you directly for help, so it’s important to monitor their actions yourself and intervene when you believe it’s necessary. Doing so could help prevent falls and other injuries, and here are three tips for you to consider.

Evaluate Their Home For Safety Purposes

A senior parent likely won’t come to you saying they are having a hard time getting out of the shower, walking to check the mail, or other routine tasks. They could be fearful of what you will think and don’t want you to worry about them. So the next time you go to their house, do a thorough evaluation of their living space, and watch them navigate it.

If you see them walk more slowly and carefully in the bathroom while bracing themselves on the walls, ask them if they would like grab bars installed to help improve their balance. And sometimes, a big help could be simply removing rugs, rearranging furniture, improving the lighting, or other things that could make navigating the home easier.

Assist With Transportation

Transportation is a major hurdle for seniors with mobility concerns. If they are fearful of driving for any reason or have become incapable of doing so, they might avoid making doctor appointments, visiting family or friends, or even running important errands. Depending on the specific situation with your senior parent, you have some options. You could offer to give them rides wherever they need to go or help them find the appropriate public transportation to get them places. Investing in a mobility scooter could be another option for them, along with a vehicle lift to run errands more easily.

Help Them Find A Reliable Mobility Aid

Mobility aids are available in all shapes and forms, depending on your senior parent’s needs. A mobility scooter is a great option, as well as a wheelchair. Other helpful products to include around the house include a stair lift, lift chairs, a wheelchair ramp, grab bars, and more. Just be sure to explain to your senior parent that these products are designed to enhance their independent living efforts, not replace them. Once they are open to the idea of having a mobility aid, they should experience a higher quality of life as a result.

Next Day Access is here to help ease your mind about your aging parent. It can be difficult to tell when a senior parent is struggling with mobility if you don’t see them every day. Communication is critical in these situations, so you can get ahead of any potential problems and prevent serious injuries. A simple mobility aid can go a long way in improving their quality of life, so contact us today to see what products may be ideal for your senior parent.