Whether you are caring for an aging loved one or if you are getting older yourself, sometimes you have to look around your home and shift things around for safety purposes and to prevent falls. One of the most overlooked rooms is the bathroom, but it presents multiple safety hazards sometimes. According to a study from the Journal of Injury and Violence Research, many fall injuries occur when going to the bathroom quickly and when transitioning from a hard surface to a soft surface and vice versa. Since bathroom floors get wet often no matter how careful you are, it’s important to be aware of the surprising safety hazards you may have in your bathroom.

Poor Lighting

It’s important to have adequate lighting in your bathroom at all times. Nighttime falls in the bathroom are too common because of poor lighting and the risk of tripping on cords, rugs or slipping on a wet spot. And it’s particularly dangerous in the middle of the night when you may be half-sleeping as you’re walking to use the bathroom. If the light switch in your bathroom isn’t easy to find in the dark, then consider plugging in a simple night light to illuminate the room enough for you to see. This simple solution can prevent falls more than people think and it’s a small investment to make.


Using a bathmat in the shower makes sense to prevent slipping and falling when the water is running. The problem is they will often move under your feet and present a bigger slip hazard than the floor itself. If you have a walk-in tub this may not be as big of an issue, but you can still think about having decals with non-slip surfaces put on the bathtub floor. These are just as reliable and eliminate the risk of them slipping under your feet. Another thing to consider is installing grab bars on the walls of the shower so you always have something sturdy to grab and won’t lose your balance as easily.

Stationary Shower Heads

A stationary showerhead can be a problem for seniors with physical limitations since they have to move their body more to get clean. If you would have a handheld showerhead that can be removed from the wall, then you can sit in your shower chair and clean yourself with few movements. It’s a quick and simple project to remove a stationary showerhead and install a handheld one and many seniors believe it’s worth the investment.

Next Day Access is here to help ensure your bathroom is a safe place to be. Whether it’s installing grab bars in different areas or switching to a walk-in tub, our goal is to help you prevent falls and feel more comfortable moving around your home. We offer a variety of accessibility products to make your home a safer space, so contact us today to schedule a free home assessment and reduce some of your concerns.