Driving a vehicle is one of the biggest things people take for granted every day. But then they realize how much they rely on their car when it’s taken away from them. As you get older, you might lose the ability to drive your vehicle safely, so you have to look at alternate means of transportation as a result. While these resources are easier to find in bigger cities than small towns, we got you covered with some senior living tips about getting from point A to point B without a car.

Rideshare Companies

Rideshare companies have increased in popularity significantly over the last few years. Lyft and Uber are the most widely known rideshare companies and offer quick rides from virtually anywhere. If you can walk comfortably, then rideshare companies are good options to get around town. But if you need a wheelchair or other mobility device, you might need to seek other options since the Uber or Lyft driver might not have space for you to travel with it.

Bus Routes

Another good alternative is knowing the local bus routes. Some buses are specifically designed for people with limited mobility and allow a wheelchair to come on board. Know what options are available in the city you live in to determine whether it’s a viable solution for your limited mobility. You might have to walk a short distance to find your nearest bus stop, but it can be a great transportation option for getting around town.

Specialized Chartered Transportation

Some public transportation services offer specialized options for people in a wheelchair or who use other mobility devices. These services could be a little more costly, but most of them will pick you up at your home, help you load and unload your wheelchair, and more. For people who have difficulty getting around, specialized chartered transportation could be a viable solution.

While these options are more widely available in larger cities, you still have options in small towns. If you have a neighbor or family member nearby, you can invest in an auto lift so you can load your wheelchair or mobility scooter into your vehicle. The independence it provides is invaluable since you can still do things like shop for groceries on your own. Next Day Access has you covered with a variety of mobility aids and devices to make getting around town much easier. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to see how we can help you boost your independent living efforts.