Backyard barbecues are great activities for people of all ages. Whether you invite people from your neighborhood to hang out with you or if you have friends and family nearby, getting people together to enjoy the sun, maybe a cool swimming pool and great food are relaxing. One thing to keep in mind is how you can make your guests feel comfortable. If anyone has mobility limitations, installing a temporary wheelchair ramp or a porch lift can make the environment safer and help them feel more comfortable. Here are a couple of other aspects to keep in mind when planning your next summer barbecue.

Protect Yourself And Others From The Sun

Spending time in the summer sun is great, but you have to make sure you’re protected at the same time. Wear sunscreen and have some extra for your guests who may have forgotten to apply some on their skin. If you don’t have a lot of natural shade from trees or other objects, consider investing in some canopies for people to sit under to get out of the sun. Ensuring your guests are hydrated is important as well. It’s better to have too many bottles of cold water than not having enough, so make sure they feel comfortable grabbing anything they need to stay cool and safe. And of course, make your home accessible for anyone who needs a break from the heat so they can soak up some A/C. Heat strokes can happen quickly, and it’s especially important to watch over any elderly guests you have and ensure they are protected.

Prepare Healthy Food Options And Promote Hydration

Whether you’re grilling burgers, hot dogs or anything else, prepare healthy food options as well to promote healthy habits. Some fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and asparagus, go great on the grill. You could also have some non-grilled options as well for added variety. Think also about preparing fruits that promote hydration, like grapes and watermelon. Since you may not know the specific dietary restrictions your guests may have, it’s important to prepare a variety of options so everyone can enjoy their time without ruining any healthy habits they have. And if you’re having a smaller gathering, you can consider asking them ahead of time what would make their time more enjoyable and accommodate them accordingly.

While you’re busy preparing food, activities and coordinating other things for your summer barbecue, Next Day Access can help ensure your guests are safe. A temporary wheelchair ramp is quick and easy to install and can go a long way in preventing trip-and-fall accidents that could put a major damper on your event. Promoting a safe and healthy environment for your backyard is important and will be much appreciated by your guests. When you’re in the planning stages of your backyard barbecue this summer, give us a call for a free evaluation and see how you could improve safety and accessibility in and around your home.