There are many ways that Next Day Access products can improve home accessibility and we can help you find the right one for you.

When a ramp is not feasible because of space or you do not want a ramp taking up most of your yard, a porch lift is a great alternative to a ramp, especially for users of wheelchairs. Porch lifts come with safety devices to halt the descent if there is an obstacle under the platform, as well as feature an upper gate to ensure safe access at the upper landing.

Also known as a vertical platform lift, this device is a residential lift that offers ease of access to a raised deck or porch. It can also be used for floor-to-floor movement in the home.

As an affordable solution for those who need assisted access to a porch, our lifts give you that “Whole Life-Whole Home” access you require.

This vertical platform lift is most commonly employed by individuals with limited mobility, including those using a wheelchair, and is an ideal solution for any hard-to access porch or platform.

The residential porch lift employs standard 110 volt power, but it can be upgraded to a DC battery-powered option that allows for operation in the event of a loss of power.

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