At Next Day Access, we provide many solutions to help people with disabilities and aging loved ones remain safe and independent in all areas of the home. Falling from the bed is one occurrence that could result in severe injury. Some of the causes occur when they’re asleep, usually from rolling around or while trying to get out of bed. But with bed rails, you can reduce falling.

What are bed rails?

Bed rails provide balance and stability in the comfort of your bedroom. They are used to assist while getting in and out of bed, help the user reposition themself while in bed, and prevent loved ones from rolling out of bed during the night. There are many different types of bed rails that can support you in the comfort of your bedroom.

EZ Adjust Bed Rail

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is intended to reduce the risk of falling out of bed during the night. But its versatile and functional design, functions as a bed rail and handle. The rail extends p to 42 inches and can easily fold down to be out of the way, to prevent inaccessibility. This solution is typically made for long term use and ideal for those with limited mobility or a loss of balance. The rail includes an organizer pouch that’s perfect for keeping personal items close by.

PT BedCane

Unlike the length of the bed rail, the PT BedCane is smaller in design. It is an ergonomic handle that is used to assist from a bed to a walker, scooter, wheelchair, etc. The handle adjusts up to 25 inches to fit the height of your mattress. And similar to the bed rail, the handle comes with an organizer pouch, allowing to store small items like your phone.

Bed Rail Advantage Traveler

Living independently also means being able to travel freely. Even when you’re away from home, you can sleep safely and comfortably with the Bed Rail Advantage Traveler. Its foldable design and weight make it portable and compatible with most bed types.

Deciding between a bed rail or handle can be difficult. That’s why our accessibility experts can help you choose which solution will best accommodate your lifestyle. With our free in-home safety consultations, let us evaluate different solutions that will keep you in your home safely. Contact us to learn more about our free in-home consultations.