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Rane Swingline Washbasin



Rane Swingline Washbasin

The Rane Swingline Washbasin is more than a bathroom fixture; it’s a tool for enhanced independence and convenience. Created to empower and provide optimum accessibility with the ability to rotate, swing, and adjust in height.

180° Rotation and Swing

This design ensures that the washbasin is accessible from all angles, suiting various needs and preferences.


Customizable to the individual user, the Swingline Washbasin can be easily adjusted in height, making it user-friendly and adaptable.

Wheelchair-Friendly Design

Thoughtfully designed with wheelchair users in mind, the Swingline Washbasin provides ample space underneath the basin for wheelchair accessibility.


Not only does it support the user, but the Swingline also considers the needs of carers. Its movability and adjustability create a more ergonomically sound working environment for those assisting with care.

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Rane Swingline Washbasin FAQS

Rane Swingline Washbasin Installation

 The Next Day Access certified installers will evaluate your space and requirements, ensuring the washbasin is installed to suit your unique needs.

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