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Peened Stainless Steel Grab Bar


Peened Stainless Steel Grab Bar: Embrace Safety

The Peened stainless steel grab bar prioritizes safety without compromising style.

Unwavering Grip, Uncompromised Safety

Crafted with precision, this grab bar features a peened surface texture that offers an unwavering grip, making it ideal for wet environments. Rest assured, knowing you have a dependable support system right where you need it.

With concealed flange plates, our grab bar boasts a seamless design that elevates your bathroom’s aesthetics while promoting a clutter-free space. The 1.25” diameter allows for a comfortable grip, making it suitable for users of all ages and abilities.

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This well-crafted and elegant grab bar is designed to cater to diverse needs. ADA compliant and equipped with a peened surface texture, it enhances safety for everyone, including seniors, individuals with disabilities, and children.

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Peened Stainless Steel Grab Bar Installation

Whether in your bathroom, shower, or any other area of your home, this grab bar’s versatility extends to various settings. Install it near stairs or hallways to create a secure environment that fosters independence for all.

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Step 2: Our Next Day Access technician evaluates your space

Peened Stainless Steel Grab Bar

Step 3: A Next Day Access specialist gets you set up with your new grab bar

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Shop now and experience peace of mind, knowing you have a dependable support system that blends seamlessly with your interior. Take the first step towards a safer future today.

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