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Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad


Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad – Convenient Access, Hassle-Free Installation

Discover the innovative Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad – a wireless device designed to revolutionize access to your residence. Ideal for attendants and care providers, this cutting-edge entry pad offers convenient and secure access without the need for keys.

The Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad is a wireless device that is installed to the outside of a door.

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Key Features

Keyless Convenience: Say goodbye to fumbling with keys! Enjoy a seamless and secure entry method, providing you and your care providers with hassle-free access to your residence.

Exterior Door Installation: Effortlessly installed on the outside of your door, this wireless device ensures quick and efficient access without compromising your home’s security.

User-Friendly Operation: The user-friendly design ensures easy operation for attendants and care providers, allowing them to enter the residence with a simple code.

Enhanced Security: Rest assured that your residence remains secure. The Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad utilizes advanced technology to safeguard against unauthorized access.

Versatile Application: Perfect for residential use, the Open Sesame Entry Pad is also a valuable solution for businesses or places where controlled access is essential.

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Unlock a new level of accessibility and simplify access for care providers, promoting independence and ease of entry.

Make the move towards a more accessible future. Order the Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad today and experience the unmatched convenience of keyless access. With Next Day Access, embrace the freedom of effortless entry into your residence or building.

Open Sesame Keyless Entry Pad Installation

Our team of accessibility experts is committed to ensuring a seamless installation process. Trust in our expertise as we equip your residence with this cutting-edge device, allowing you to experience the true convenience of keyless entry.

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