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Harmar Outdoor Stair Lift (SL350OD)



Harmar Outdoor Stair Lift

The Harmar Outdoor Stair Lift is engineered with a durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating to handle rain, wind, snow, and temperatures from 0° to 125°. Includes header, internal chassis, and large weatherproof covers for even more protection.


  • Header cover, internal chassis cover and a large weatherproof cover included
  •  Rocker controls with constant-pressure functionality stop the lift immediately if the control is released
  •  Mounts to the stairs (not the wall) on either side of staircase
  •  Operates on standard 115V AC household current
  •  Extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths
  •  Seat and footrest fold to save space
  •  Seat cushions in exterior marine grade vinyl
  •  Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs
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Haramar Outdoor Stair Lift (SL350OD)

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Haramar Outdoor Stair Lift (SL350OD)

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