As the weather gets warmer, there’s nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. When you think about accessibility, you may focus on making the inside of your home accommodating for your mobility needs. However, there are many solutions for creating an outdoor living space accessible. Spending time outside is good for your physical and mental health. Here are some accessibility modifications to consider if you’re looking to make your backyard inclusive for you or your loved ones.

Threshold Ramps

Depending on your outdoor living space, you might have uneven terrain or stairs to navigate. Having even a single step to enter your backyard may make you feel uneasy or scared. A threshold ramp can help with a lot of your concerns and eliminate trip hazards. Threshold ramps are available for permanent or temporary use.

Enjoy Your Yard With A Porch Lift

If you have a raised deck, patio, or porch, a porch lift can help you enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind. A threshold ramp might not satisfy your needs if you have multiple steps to navigate your outdoor space. But a porch lift is designed to raise and lower you from your deck with ease. It is possible to customize it to be wide enough to fit your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Benefits Of An Outdoor Stair Lift

If your outdoor space isn’t suitable for a porch lift, then outdoor stair lifts might be the solution you need. It is similar to an indoor stair lift, but it’s made with weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor elements. Simply sit on the outdoor stair lift to be transported up or down the stairs with relaxation and ease. If you have a garden, pool, or any other outdoor attraction you enjoy using, then a stair lift can help you access them much easier.

Next Day Access can make your backyard more livable with accessibility modifications. It’s great for a person’s health to spend time outside, so do not discourage yourself from using your outdoor space because of the fear of falling. Peace of mind is invaluable and well worth investing in the necessary modifications to achieve it. Schedule a free consultation today by contacting us and a professional can come to your home to evaluate your space as soon as possible.