Meet Our Team

The team at Next Day Access Fairfax strive to create customized and safe solutions for members in their communities. From residential to commercial customers, the owners are passionate in helping others.

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Ray Patel, Co-Owner

Ray Patel, Co-Owner of Next Day Access Fairfax, has been in the restaurant and business hospitality industry for 20+ years. He was born in raised in Queens, NY and graduated from the University of Hofstra with a Bachelors in Finance and Economics. He received his Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) to better support customers aging in place.


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Joseph Yu, Co-Owner

Joseph Yu, Co-Owner of Next Day Access Fairfax, has also been in the restaurant, hotel, and business industry for 20+ years. He graduated from Texas Tech in 1990 with a Masters in Restaurant and Hotel Management. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and reading business books.

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Justin Nunes, Co-Owner

Justin Nunes, Co-Owner of Next Day Access Fairfax, comes from a background in computer engineering, automotive, roofing, and carpentry. He is ASE certified mechanic and enjoys working on cars as a hobby. In his previous role, he was the general manager of Ray’s and Joseph’s franchise businesses.