Being active doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym every day or even participate in strenuous exercises regularly. It’s particularly important to stay active during the winter months, which means you may have to get creative since outdoor activities for elderly people are limited due to unsafe conditions. Whether you’re looking for activities for dementia patients or just need ideas for participating in regular activities during the winter, safe exercising is easier than you think.

Types of Senior Living Activities to Focus on During The Winter

The National Institute of Aging recommends participating in four types of activities throughout the winter: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Up to 30 minutes of daily activity can go a long way in keeping your body and mind healthy. And those 30 minutes don’t have to be consecutive. Getting up and walking around or stretching after prolonged periods of sitting count as activity. Just be sure not to push yourself too hard to the point where breathing is a struggle.

Safe Activities To Participate In

There are great senior care activities that can be done indoors, which is especially important during the winter months. Safe and beneficial activities to participate in include:

  • Yoga – yoga helps boost flexibility, lower blood pressure, improve balance and much more. Start with gentle movements and focus more on your breathing and relaxing at first.
  • Walking – if you usually walk for a few minutes at a time before getting tired, then incorporate small walking sessions throughout the day. Walking down the hall, on an indoor track or any other safe surface throughout the day can be beneficial for your health.
  • Swimming – many senior care facilities have indoor pools so you can swim year-round. Swimming boosts flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance, but be sure to do it safely and know your limitations.
  • Dancing – put on your favorite songs and dance to your heart’s content occasionally. Dancing is a great form of exercise that doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising.

Participating in these types of activities can strengthen the mind and body, reduce the risk of falling and help you feel healthier overall. Next Day Access is here to help make your exercise routine easier by providing all the equipment you need to participate in them safely. Feel free to contact us at any time for a free home assessment or to learn more about our products.