Creating Home Accessibility Solutions with Next Day Access

Tomorrow’s home will be designed and built to include many of the key elements that permit residents to age in place. That would mean no-step entry, wider doorways and single-floor living.

The future, sadly, is not here yet. Nor will these progressive building standards come quickly enough to meet the outsize demands of the aging American population.

AARP, which is heavily involved in the movement to revise the thinking about home accessibility,

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How the Baby Boom Generation Impacts Home Accessibility

The baby boom generation has, for many years, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Look for a noticeable impact in home remodeling.

Small businesses dominate the home remodeling business and they’ve said that they are enjoying a significant boost from the boomers’ desire to age in place. Many boomers turning to home remodelers want to retrofit their longtime dwelling for continued use.

Many of the changes on the boomers’ wish list are those in Next Day Access’ prime area of expertise.

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What to Know About the Health Care Field

Those tending to the needs of others, whether it is after surgery, an illness, or simply as the result of aging, occasionally need professional help somewhere along the line.

In 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 815,000 people nationwide are employed in the home health care field, covering areas such as home health care services, individual and family services, continuing care retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities and more.

You may already have reached out to Next Day Access of San Antonio,

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Resources for Caregiving Advice

You know you may rely on Next Day Access of San Antonio for home accessibility solutions, excellent financing and dependable service.

But where do you turn for advice on caregiving and the issues that come with it? Sure, Next Day Access of San Antonio, your locally-owned and locally-operated provider of home accessibility solutions, can help with portable showers, stair lifts, ramps and grab bars, but those are features added to the home to ease a patient’s physical limitations,

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What To Know About Tax Deductions With Accessibility Products

We’re proud of our reputation for working with Next Day Access customers to offer the best possible price and financing on our many products and quality installation. Next Day Access of San Antonio, your locally-owned and locally-operated leader in home accessibility solutions, knows that modifications to a dwelling to improve accessibility can be expensive.

We may be able to help your save a bit more. We’re not accountants, but we do know this: With the April 15 federal tax deadline two short months,

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