Becoming homebound when you’re naturally an active person can be a tough transition to make. Both elderly people striving for independent living and the person providing senior care should consider different activities to keep the mind sharp and the body healthy. Depression is very real and more than 6.5 million Americans over the age of 65 experience some level of it, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Staying active and engaged can help by providing some inspiration and possibly giving you the sense of purpose you’ve been trying to discover. Consider these homebound activity ideas.

Learn Something New

If being homebound is a new chapter in your life, then it may be time to take advantage of it and learn something new. This can include anything from knitting to sewing, painting, writing, drawing, pottery and much more. Doing activities with your hands helps keep your fine motor skills sharp. Try a new activity every day or work to master a new challenge and you may feel a great sense of accomplishment as you strive for independent living.

Keep Your Mind Sharp By Exploring The Internet

Many seniors are hesitant to explore the Internet if they haven’t had much exposure to it. But then once they give it a chance and understand how it can be relevant to them, they often realize the possibilities available at their fingertips. They can read relevant stories about their life to gain inspiration about independent living, check out YouTube for entertainment or educational purposes, stay in touch with loved ones and much more.

Utilize Technology To Socialize

The feeling of depression or isolation can occur if elderly people don’t socialize with their friends, family or other loved ones often enough. Technology today allows this to be a simple task where you can even see their face rather than just hear their voice. Staying socially connected is important for people who are homebound, even if they don’t realize it right away. Utilizing available technology is a great way to stay socially connected.

Explore Work Or Volunteer Projects

Many organizations today have plenty of projects that can be worked on from home. Give local non-profit organizations a call and see if they have anything they need help with, depending on what you’re able to do. You could also explore work-from-home opportunities if you want to make extra cash. There are a lot of opportunities available and taking advantage of them can keep you busy and possibly fill a void you may have by giving you responsibilities.

Next Day Access wants to make independent living easier for seniors. Whether you need a wheelchair ramp or a stair lift installed or any other accessibility product to improve your mobility, we are here for you. Being homebound can be a tough transition for some seniors, so contact us today to schedule a free home assessment and see how mobility aids can improve your independent living.