A senior living at home who has to navigate stairs every day has to take extra precautions to prevent falls. One misstep can lead to a potentially devastating fall that could lead to severe injuries and put their independent living efforts in jeopardy. According to a 23-year study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, more than 24 million people had to be treated in emergency departments because of an injury related to stairs. This equates to over one million people per year on average. Simple home modifications for seniors can go a long way in preventing falls, and installing a stair lift is a common one. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why surprising your loved one with a stair lift this year could be the gift they need.

Reduce The Risk Of Falling

Whether your senior loved one admits it or not, chances are they are slightly fearful or hesitant about going down the stairs at times. People who have stability concerns particularly would benefit from a stair lift since it reduces the risk of falling significantly. They simply need to sit in the stair lift, press a button, and the device will take them up or down the stairs. The peace of mind provided with the reduced risk of falling makes for a priceless gift.

Maintain Independent Living

Seniors with a two-story house may be limited to the first floor if it’s painful for them to walk up the stairs or they feel unsafe doing so. This can put a damper on independent living since they are unable to access every area of their home and may need assistance getting things from the second floor. A stair lift can solve the problem and is one of the simplest home modifications for seniors to make.

Access The Home Pain-Free

Climbing the stairs can be painful for a senior loved one whether they express it to you or not. This can result in staying on one level of their home for longer than they would like simply because they don’t want to put themselves through more pain by navigating the stairs. A stair lift is a wonderful alternative to allow your senior loved one to access their entire home pain-free. 

Visit The Outdoors With A Stair Lift

Don’t forget about the outdoors when you’re looking for home modifications for seniors that need to be completed. An outdoor stair lift can be a great gift to give as well since some seniors don’t go outside as much as they would like to. Outdoor stair lifts are designed to withstand weather elements, and you can also invest in a protective cover to help keep it in good shape for years to come.

The gift of independence is often what seniors want, but they don’t know exactly what types of gifts would help them achieve it. Next Day Access can help you provide this to them by offering and installing a quality stair lift in their home. If you have any questions about a particular stair lift or are ready to schedule an appointment to have it installed, feel free to contact us at any time.