There’s usually a good reason for sending an aging parent to the nursing home. Most of the time, the decision is to ensure they get the appropriate care needed throughout the day. However, there might also come a time when you want to take your loved one out of the nursing home. It’s no secret that people live more comfortably at home, so there are plenty of benefits to aging in place. But when you move them from a nursing home to the comfort of their own home, consider these thoughts and tips.

Make The Home More Accessible

Home accessibility is the number one factor to think about before your senior parent arrives home. If they have stairs in the home, installing a stair lift should be one of the first things you do. And depending on the layout of the entrance of the home, a wheelchair ramp could be valuable. Your senior loved one likely received assistance moving around, including in the bathroom. Since there might not be someone there to help them with those tasks, installing grab bars in various locations can be very helpful for them and prevent falls from occurring.

Consider The Type Of Care Needed

The nursing home staff should be able to tell you the type of care they provided so you can determine the care needed at home. Make arrangements ahead of time if your aging parent needs to have someone with them 24/7 or if they can get around well enough to just need to check on them periodically. If you have siblings or other family members nearby, talk about splitting the responsibilities of caring for your senior loved one; so it doesn’t become too burdensome for any individual.

Mental Preparations To Make

Preparing to care for a loved one at home requires some mental preparations, but they are well worth it. You might still have a job, kids, and other responsibilities to take care of, and now you have to add caring for your parents to the list. The mental strain is very real, so start thinking about how your daily routine needs to change to be accommodating. The important thing is that you don’t lose focus on your own health while you’re caring for the health of others.

Next Day Access wants to help you transition your senior loved one back home. We can quickly install a wheelchair ramp to make it more convenient for them. And a stair lift can be a life-changer when it’s professionally installed. When you’re getting ready to move your aging parent back home from the nursing home, contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with a free home accessibility assessment.