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Accessibility Solutions for Minneapolis Places of Worship

Make your place of worship in Minneapolis open and easily accessible to those who use wheelchairs, power scooters, and more. Next Day Access provides accessibility solutions for places of worship to Minneapolis and its surrounding area.

Accessibility solutions for places of worship don’t need to be complex. No matter how old or new your structure is, there are many viable ways to make modifications to your church facility.


Accessibility solutions for Minneapolis places of worship

About Next Day Access Minneapolis

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Accessibility solutions for Minneapolis places of worship make safety a priority

Next Day Access is a leading provider of comprehensive accessibility solutions with a range of innovative products and services tailored to meet the needs of sacred spaces.

One of the primary ways Next Day Access promotes accessibility in places of worship is through the installation of wheelchair ramps. By carefully assessing the architecture and layout of each facility, their team of experts ensures the ramp seamlessly blends with the existing structure. These ramps not only provide smooth and safe access for individuals with mobility challenges, but also comply with all ADA guidelines to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Next Day Access also offers solutions such as stairlifts and platform lifts. These devices enable individuals to navigate elevation changes effortlessly. Next Day Access ensures that each accessibility solution is installed with precision, prioritizing comfort and safety.

By partnering with Next Day Access, places of worship in Minneapolis can enhance inclusivity, welcoming all to participate in religious ceremonies and gatherings.