Bathrooms are often the biggest safety concerns in a person’s home, especially as the person gets older. Losing your balance or being as confident when walking can be particularly frightening when getting out of the shower or going to the bathroom at night when it’s dark. According to this article in the International Journal of Medicine, approximately 30%-50% of fall incidents are due to extrinsic factors like slippery floors, poor lighting and uneven surfaces. The good news is there are plenty of design solutions specifically for the bathroom to help make it a safer place to access.

A Walk-In Tub Can Prevent Falls

There may come a time when stepping up to get in the shower simply isn’t possible. A walk-in tub is ideal for these situations since you barely have to raise your feet to get in. They are typically easy to install and can be incorporated into most bathroom designs. The handles can be customized so they are easy to reach and operate no matter what your physical limitations are. Combine the walk-in tub with a non-slip surface inside it and grab bars to help you get up from the seat and you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing bath and have peace of mind at the same time.

Add A Built-In Shower Chair

Another problem seniors sometimes struggle with is being unable to stand for more than a couple of minutes. Standing in the shower can cause the legs to weaken and lose balance, which can be particularly dangerous when standing on wet surfaces. A built-in shower chair can be a great solution so you can enjoy a shower from a seated position. Combine it with a removable showerhead so you can clean your entire body without having to stand for extended periods. 

Grab Bars Offer Stability And Improved Balance

Grab bars are some of the most popular bathroom safety products because they are easy to install, cost-effective and provide a great amount of stability and peace of mind. You can have grab bars installed in your shower or bathtub, by your toilet, around your sink and anywhere else you feel you need extra stability. These are much stronger than towel bars, which can fall off the wall with very little weight. With grab bars, if you happen to lose your balance, you can feel confident grabbing onto them and knowing they will be stable.

Next Day Access offers an assortment of bathroom safety products to create a safe environment and make you feel confident in your bathroom. Whether you’re a senior with limited mobility or if you’ve experienced a recent injury that has limited you physically, we have plenty of solutions to help you have peace of mind on the slippery surfaces of your bathroom. We are available to provide you with a free home assessment to evaluate your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule yours today.