We work with realtors to find the best accessibility solutions for home buyers.

We can assist realtors and your buyers in finding a home that can be modified or suggest temporary solutions that fit their needs. This may allow your clients to look at homes that they never would have considered. A multilevel home may be more available and affordable than a one-level home.

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About Next Day Access Central Ohio

  • Accessibility ramps to fit any entrance
  • Durable, Code-Compliant Ramps & Lifts
  • We move Fast!
  • We keep client’s safety in mind as our top priority.
  • All ramps are built within ADA guidelines.
  • Professional and caring staff
  • Trained on-staff technicians
  • Basic accessibility products can be installed Next Day!


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The Aging Population is Growing

As the aging population grows, Next Day Access Central Ohio is prepared to keep up. We take a whole-home approach and make sure every solution we provide to your clients meets their short or long-term goals. We offer wheelchair ramps for rental or purchase, stair lifts, auto and vehicle lifts, and porch lifts. Contact us today for more information.

Live independently - Financing for accessibility and mobility products for elderly and mobile impaired

Other Items for Realtors Accessibility:

Wheelchair Ramps mobility products accessibility ADA

Wheelchair Ramps

Grab Bars Safety Poles mobility products accessibility ADA

Grab Bars

Stair Lifts mobility products accessibility ADA

Stair Lifts

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Accessibility for Realtors FAQ’s:

What types of ramps do you offer?

We offer modular aluminum ramps, folding portable ramps, commercial ramps, and ramp rentals for short-term or rent-to-own.

What are the benefits of renting a ramp?

Ramps from Next Day Access Central Ohio are cost effective, flexible, temporary, virtually maintenance-free, manufactured in the United States. We deliver and install every product we sell.

Do grab bars prevent falls?

Yes, grab bars can help prevent falls in the bathroom or other parts of the home. Grab bars are typically installed in the bathroom due to the wet, slippery floors.

Can I install grab bars myself?

We recommend having one of our professional accessibility expert install your grab bars. Our knowledgable and trained team can help determine the best placement and ensure durability.