Every October, healthcare organizations and patients groups celebrate Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month. This cause recognizes the progress healthcare professionals have made in high-quality patient care and builds momentum for the future. In honor of this month, we’ve provided a few solutions to help you give the best care to the individuals you work with.

Grab Bars

If you’re an at-home care provider, talk to your patient about installing grab bars in their bathroom. The water from a shower or bath strips surface friction needed to avoid slipping, which makes bathing one of the most hazardous activities for all ages. Grab bars are a great way for individuals, especially seniors, to maintain balance as they enter and exit the shower or bath.


As we mentioned, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. If your patient lacks strength, simple tasks, like sitting down on the toilet, can be potential threats to safety. Many seniors lack the core and leg strength required to ease their way into a sitting position, which results in more of a fall than a sit. A handrail installed within reach of the toilet is a great way to be proactive about the safety of your patient. We carry a discreet handrail that acts as a toilet paper holder, so your patient can maintain the bathroom space they want while getting the support they need.

Patient Lifts

You and your patient are both at risk of injury during a transfer, so it’s important to take precautionary measures to prevent both of you from getting hurt. A patient lift assists a caregiver in transferring their patient from a bed to a wheelchair, a bathroom, or even other areas of a home. The lift takes the strain off your muscles and prevents you from obtaining injuries and keeps your patient from falling.

As a caregiver, you are passionate about helping your patients. So, celebrate Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, because what you do is noble. Then, look for ways to build on that momentum to enhance the patient experience. For more accessibility solutions for the home, check out our solutions page.