Cold and flu season is upon us. Now is an important time to revisit safety and prevention tips to keep seniors as safe and healthy as possible. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors are at a higher risk of developing complications from the flu due to having weaker immune systems. Because of this, the vast majority of deaths caused by the flu occur in people ages 65 and older. Maintaining healthy habits during the winter is important, and here are some other tips to help prevent getting the flu or a cold.

Get A Flu Shot Early

The flu vaccine is designed to reduce the risk of getting the flu. Seniors need to get the flu vaccine, as well as anyone providing senior care. The earlier in flu season you can get the vaccine, the better. However, it’s not too late to get it even if you wait until several weeks into the season.

Keep Exercising

Since a weak immune system is one of the main reasons why seniors are more vulnerable to the flu, finding ways to strengthen it can reduce the risk of getting it. Exercising regularly can significantly boost your immune system, so it’s important to incorporate it while practicing independent living. If it’s too cold to exercise outside, make a little room in your home to do some light exercising. Even a small amount of exercise daily can go a long way in boosting your immune system and fighting off the flu.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene includes washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your nose, eyes, and mouth, disinfecting surfaces, and much more. Stock up on soap and hand sanitizer for this fall and winter season, so you’ll always have it available when you need it. When you get into the healthy habits of having great hygiene practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of getting sick.

Avoid Large Crowds When Possible

No matter how great your hygiene or overall health is, you increase your risk of getting a cold or flu when you are in large crowds. With the holiday season upcoming, avoiding crowds may be challenging, but you can still safely enjoy your time. Take necessary precautions by maintaining your hand-washing routine, try not to go in spaces without proper ventilation, and avoid contact with people who may not be feeling well.

Eat A Nutritious Diet

Boosting your Vitamin C intake can boost your immune system and potentially reduce the chances of getting a cold or the flu. Proteins like fish, yogurt, and eggs are also valuable for boosting the immune system. If you are unable to consume these regularly for any reason, consider asking your doctor about a supplement you can take to compensate.

Sometimes it’s the healthy habits you incorporate into your daily life that are more impactful than anything else when reducing the risk of getting the flu. Taking action now to boost your immune system and being diligent about it can help keep you safe and healthy all fall and winter long. If you need any other tips about fall or winter safety this year, contact us at any time at Next Day Access.