Grab Bars

Being such a small addition, our grab bars can provide a significant amount of safety for bathroom accessibility! This offers a much safer approach to accessing your shower or toilet and can be installed by our professionals in just a matter of hours. Our grab rails are primarily used as toilet safety rails and shower rails, which be installed in almost any home bathroom.

Grab Bars from Next Day Access Tucson are available in a variety of styles and models.

We offer a range of grab bars customized for your home and needs! Our grab bars come in different sizes, colors, materials, and more. Contact our accessibility experts today to learn more about what type of grab bar can best accommodate yours or a loved one’s needs!

Creating a sense of security within a home allows for a greater feeling of independence for that person. Something as small as a grab bar, which aids in the stability of a person, will give them – and you – peace of mind.

We Offer

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Grab Bar FAQs

Do grab bars prevent falls?

Yes, grab bars can help prevent falls in the bathroom or other parts of the home. Grab bars are typically installed in the bathroom due to the wet, slippery floors.

Can I install grab bars myself?

We recommend having one of our professional accessibility expert install your grab bars. Our knowledgable and trained team can help determine the best placement and ensure durability.

Can I use my towel bar as a grab bar?

No, it is not safe to use your bathroom towel bar as a grab bar. Towel bars are not sturdy and strong enough to hold a person’s body weight. We recommend installing grab bars.