Meet Our Tampa Team

The team at Next Day Access Tampa strive to create customized and safe solutions for members in their communities. From residential to commercial customers, the owners are passionate in helping others.


Josh Kearns, Owner

Josh is dedicated to serving underserved communities and giving back. First becoming involved in Wheelchair Rugby in 2010, he has refereed in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, and referees across the United States and the world. Through refereeing, he wanted to join his passion for helping those with mobility disabilities, and his business background, and Next Day Access was the perfect fit. Prior to starting Next Day Access Tampa, Josh worked for Greentech Renewables as the Director of Operations in Florida for 4 years. He previously worked as a Division Credit Manager in Maine for 7 years with CED, helping small businesses with risk management and cash flow. Josh has been married to Missy for 8 years, and would not be in such a great position without her love and support, along with our three cats Ditty Dots, Runty Munty, and Archie Fella.