During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ray Patel and Joseph Yu began exploring the idea of investing in a new franchise system that wasn’t in the restaurant industry. Instead, they wanted a business that focused on directly helping the local community and people in need.

Ray Patel, Joseph Yu, and Justin Nunes are the owners of Next Day Access Fairfax. After many years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, the three are ready to take on a new challenge. 

Ray and Joseph have been business partners since enero 2014, the opening of their first Burger 21 franchise in Ashburn, Virginia. In 2016, the two successfully opened their second Burger 21 location in Sterling, Virginia. As both businesses grew, Justin joined Ray and Joseph as the general manager of both franchise locations in 2020.

One Google search later, Joseph stumbled upon Next Day Access and presented the brand to Ray. After much research and analyzing their skillset, the two asked Justin if he wanted to join. 

“Justin is a jack of all trades,” said Ray. “He can do roofing and carpentry, and he’s a certified automotive technician.” 

After many conversations with the Next Day Access team and meeting other franchise owners, they fell in love with the brand and people. 

“The Next Day Access team is friendly, genuine, and classy,” said Joseph. “Everyone we have been in contact with has been amazing. We are excited to be associated with the brand.”

On septiembre 19, 2022, Ray, Joseph, and Justin officially opened Next Day Access Fairfax in Virginia. Learn more about the Fairfax franchise location.

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