Wheelchairs & Powerchairs in Wilmington, NC

Next Day Access Wilmington offers a selection of wheelchairs and powerchairs with different styles and features to meet your mobility needs.

Wheelchairs & Power Wheelchairs from Next Day Access Wilmington are available in a variety of styles and models.

Choosing a mobility device can be a difficult and stressful. In the moment, you may not know exactly what you need. At Next Day Access Wilmington, our accessibility experts can help you decide which mobility device will accommodate your lifestyle the best. We offer a variety of wheelchairs, powerchairs, and scooters.

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Wheelchairs vs. Powerchairs

When deciding between a manual wheelchair vs. a powerchair, there are a few things to consider. A manual wheelchair is an ideal solution for users with upper body strength. But a powerchair will be a better fit for people who have limited mobility or paralysis choose a powerchair because of its simplistic operation.

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Wheelchairs & Power Wheelchair FAQs

Most powerchairs are controlled by a joystick mounted on the left or right armrest.

Can I rent a wheelchair?

Yes! We offer rental options for our wheelchairs.

What is the difference between a scooter and a powerchair?

The biggest difference between the scooter and power wheelchair are the operations. Mobility scooters are operated with a tiller and handlebars. Powerchairs are controlled by a joystick.