Entry Solutions In Wilmington, NC

Making a home or business accessible requires safe, easily navigable, and durable entryways.  Next Day Access in Wilmington sells two kinds of products for entryways:  lifts (for a porch or other spaces requiring vertical access) and ramps. We offer both residential and business ramps in a number of styles.  We also offer a portable ramp for access during travel. Ramps from Next Day Access in Wilmington are modular, so that reconfiguration or adjustment when a change in building layout is required is simple and fast. We are pleased to offer both rental and purchase options for ramps.

Porch Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts in Wilmington, NC


Porch lifts or a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) can be an excellent product to meet your accessibility needs. For family members who need to get to raised porches or second story landings while in wheelchairs, powerchairs or scooters, or need to access a stairway easily, porch lifts or VPLs ensure good mobility.

Both products can be configured for a home’s space easily as well. If a ramp is unfeasible because space in the yard is too small, or a ramp would cover all of the yard, a porch lift is a great option.

Safety devices are built into porch lifts to provide security for individuals with disabilities.  A device will stop the descent if an obstacle is sensed underneath the platform, and an upper gate ensures safety at the top.

The residential porch lift uses standard 110 voltage. There is also a DC battery-powered upgrade for sale that can ensure continued operation should there be a power outage. Call us at Next Day Access in Wilmington, and let us show you the best solution for your needs. Get in touch with us today at (800) 894-1761.

Ramps in Wilmington, NC

Solid Surface Wheelchair Ramp

Next Day Access in Wilmington offers the broadest set of wheelchair ramp choices on the market today. A secure and trustworthy ramp facilitates accessibility to your house. Next Day Access in Wilmington can create a wheelchair ramp for any house, as well as develop a ramp to meet any customer’s specific needs. Independence and mobility are also facilitated by ramps right to your door, whether the doors are in Wilmington, Southport, Ogden, or Hampstead!

The crucial factors in every wheelchair ramp we sell at Next Day Access in Wilmington are innovation, safety, and functionality. Next Day Access in Wilmington offers ramps to meet your individual lifestyle. Our ramp solutions are produced 100 percent in the U.S. and require very little maintenance.


One of our most popular ramps is Next Day Access in Wilmington’s signature solid-surface wheelchair ramp. The ramp can be reconfigured to meet customer needs very easily.  As a result, it can be set up and ready to use in only a few hours. Its weight capacity is 1,000 pounds. It is constructed from durable aluminum, and was designed for the utmost durability, safety and sleekness.


The open-weave surface wheelchair ramp was created for winter weather conditions. The ramp is all-aluminum and has two-way traction and a 1,000-pound weight capacity. The open-weave ramp is modular and, like all our ramps, can be installed, in place, and ready to use in only a few hours.

Wood and Aluminum Hybrid

In this ramp, accent wood functions as a design feature placed in an aluminum frame. Our customers therefore receive two complementary components: beautiful wood that harmonizes with the environment combined with aluminum’s noted strength and durability. The ramp is ecologically correct and offers the highest possible level of structural support in its aluminum handrails, legs and underlying structure. Whether you are facilitating the everyday access requirements of a loved one with a disability or aging in place, this safe and nice-looking ramp offers a solution.

Custom Surface

At Next Day Access in Wilmington, we have found that ramp with a hybrid surface is sometimes the best possible product for our customers. As a result, we provide blends in addition to our standard ramps! Would you like an open-weave surface on the incline, but need a solid-surface landing pad? We can provide any hybrid necessary to fulfill your needs. Next Day Access in Wilmington custom-creates the best possible hybrid for your lifestyle.  A wide array of colors are also available with powder-coating, so there is a wide choice of color options.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps in Wilmington, NC

There are wonderful outdoor areas around Wilmington and throughout North Carolina.  Do you ever want to vacation close to home, at the beach? Do you have a vacation home in another area, or enjoy camping?  Or are you and your loved ones thinking about a more extended vacation? Take accessibility with you using Next Day Access in Wilmington’s portable wheelchair ramps! Two surface choices are offered: 1) non-skid, 29-inch width and 2) solid-surface, 34-inch width. Each is available in a couple lengths, ranging from 2 to 6 feet. Taking the ramp with you is simple:  it comes with a built-in carrying handle. Portable ramps are ideal for traveling or for the home. Portable wheelchair ramps from Next Day Access in Wilmington have an 800-pound capacity.  Portable wheelchair ramps are made completely of aluminum. Your choices for length and width determine the weight. Storage is extremely simple.

Threshold Ramps in Wilmington, NC

Next Day Access in Wilmington’s s threshold ramps have the safest incline and the most usable surface area of any similarly designed ramp. Our threshold ramps go beyond the NFSI requirement for wet Static Coefficient of Friction on a hard flooring surface because of their special non-skid technology and anodized surface. These two features mean that a person in a wheelchair has a better feeling of safety as they are pushed on the ramp. The individual pushing the wheelchair also uses less energy when pushing. Threshold ramps are available in aluminum, rubber and plastic at Next Day Access in Wilmington.

Extra-wide Threshold Ramps in Wilmington, NC

Is a wide entryway in some areas of your home or your business a concern for people with access issues?  If wide doorways are an issue, Next Day Access in Wilmington sells an extra-wide threshold ramp that is 42 inches across. Need some assistance in going through the door? We also sell handrails to augment a feeling of security for individuals who would like stability assistance. Clearance between the handrails is possible because of the width, so it is an ideal product for storm doors or screen doors. It is also a great solution for small curbs. For users of walkers or wheelchairs – or even if people are just a little unsteady on their feet–an extra-wide threshold ramp serves as a full-size, gently inclined walkway. Next Day Access in Wilmington’s threshold ramps are available in aluminum, rubber and plastic models.

Residential Ramp Rental Option

You are perhaps looking at our web site because of a sudden change. Before it happened, you didn’t know it was going to be happening. We understand. We want you to know that this is exactly the reason Next Day Access in Wilmington is here–FOR YOU!

It’s also why our rental program was developed. We can help you in determining whether the need is just for the short term. Does a rental option meet your needs the best? Will a family member require a wheelchair or a walker after surgery?  Or will a friend or loved one in a wheelchair be staying at your home for a short period? Or is a requirement for a ramp more likely to be permanent, so buying it would be the better choice? Let us visit your home and become familiar with your everyday activities, so we can determine the best suggestions. In any situation, we can fulfill your needs and get you and your family members back to loving life again.

Residential Ramp Installation in Wilmington, NC

Whatever type of residential ramp you need, and regardless of your choice for rental or purchase, Next Day Access in Wilmington will assist you by proving installation service that is as fast as possible, safe, and comfortable. Many of our ramps call be installed rapidly—ready for use in under a day! Any disruption to your daily activities will be minimized, as we know how important your privacy and schedule are.

We are a Sell, Furnish and Install provider. This means that we install all the products we sell. It also means that we offer superior installation that lets you have full peace of mind. Our team is educated by the product manufacturers. Each team member has invested a great deal of time into learning about the solutions they install. As products are newly created or updated, Next Day Access in Wilmington obtains background to make sure that you not only have the best solution for your home, but that you also feel fully comfortable that your installer is knowledgeable and educated to provide you with safe solutions in your home now and into the foreseeable future.

We also provide the superior service of a locally owned business. We would be pleased to give you a FREE home assessment, product information, or a quote. To discuss a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Wilmington today at (800) 894-1761.

Commercial Wheelchair Ramp and Rental in Wilmington, NC


At Next Day Access at Wilmington, we provide our commercial customers—from schools in Southport to hospitals in Wilmington to governmental buildings in Hampstead—with a full array of modular wheelchair ramps. We are proud to partner with hospitals, physical therapy centers, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities throughout coastal North Carolina.

Our commercial wheelchair ramp system has the same custom order ability and variety of surface options provided in our residential wheelchair ramp systems. It is also modular in design, which offers more value and lengthens the ramp’s life. In a commercial venture, having this flexibility can be an added benefit. If new construction or structural changes to the building call for relocating or adjusting the ramp, the modular system design lets us repurpose the existing parts. We can reconfigure the ramp or simply put down additional components to fulfill the new configuration. This makes Next Day Access in Wilmington the preferred supplier for architects, engineers and contractors across our area!

Rental Option

We provide wheelchair ramp rentals to meet our client’s wishes. If you have a short-term need for a commercial-grade ramp system, then the rental program may be your best choice. If special events are coming up or temporary access will be needed, ramp rental can be the best method of fulfilling your wishes. Let the Next Day Access in Wilmington team come out to your establishment and discuss the solution that most fulfills your requirements. We bring our experience and our knowledge of the community to what we do, so let us assist you in your commercial needs.

Commercial Ramp Installation in Wilmington, NC

Whatever type of commercial ramp your company wants, and whether it is a rental or a purchase, Next Day Access in Wilmington will guarantee a quick, secure, and comfortable installation. Most of our products are available immediately.  Your product will be ready for use in less than a day!  Any interruption is minimal, because we understand how important your schedule—and secure access to your building—is.

We would be happy to offer a FREE assessment, product information, or a quote. To talk about installing a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Wilmington at (800) 894-1761.

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