It doesn’t take long for the UV rays from the sun to damage your skin. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the skin can suffer sun damage in just 15 minutes when exposed to UV rays. It’s critical for seniors to protect their skin from the sun as much as possible since they tend to have more sensitive skin. Previous sun damage or certain medications can increase the sensitivity, so it’s recommended to develop healthy habits for your skin as the summer season approaches. Here are some tips to consider.

Always Wear Sunscreen

If you’re planning on going outside for any amount of time, protect your skin with at least 30 SPF sunscreen. And if your outdoor outing will keep you outside for several hours, consider reapplying the sunscreen every hour or two. Water and sweat can wash away the sunscreen so you want to make sure you’re protected at all times. Consider investing in sunscreen that protects you from both UVB and UVA rays for the ultimate protection.

Remember To Protect Your Eyes And Lips

The eyes and lips often get overlooked when applying sun protection. You may be reminded to grab your sunglasses when walking out into the bright sun, but you may not remember lip protection until you feel them start burning. The same recommendation applies to the lips, which is to wear a 30 SPF lip balm for sufficient protection. Your eyes and lips are sensitive parts of your body as well, so it’s important not to neglect them when exposed to the sun.

Shade Your Skin With A Hat Or Protective Clothing

It’s easy to find a wide-brimmed hat that looks great also. Just be sure to find one that isn’t weaved too loosely and lets too much sunlight through as a result. A quality wide-brimmed hat can shade your entire face, neck and even your shoulders. And when it comes to protective clothing, a common misconception is long sleeves will keep you too hot during the summer. Depending on the material of the clothing, loose-fitting shirts may keep you cooler and some materials today have SPF made within the fabric.

Find Shade As Much As Possible

Even when you’re just spending time outdoors at your home, stay in the shade as much as possible. If you have a porch lift on your back porch, keep it shaded or covered somehow to protect it and yourself. While it’s still possible to experience sun damage or other heat-related illnesses in the shade on hot summer days, the shade will keep you much safer in general.

Next Day Access can help you feel safe all summer long with the appropriate mobility products you need. If you travel a lot, an auto lift is a great investment. And if you stay home and enjoy the sun in your yard, a porch lift can help you access every area with ease. One of the keys for seniors staying safe during the summer is to be proactive with sun protection and developing healthy habits for their skin. If you have any questions about how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.