Automatic doors are often in public or commercial properties. Yet, there is no reason you cannot have an automatic door opener at your home. If you depend on a wheelchair or have trouble getting around, it can be hard to open and close doors. If there is one place you need to feel in total control, it is in your home. Installing automatic door openers has many benefits, and at Next Day Access, we offer several types.

Different Types of Automatic Door Openers

  • Vertical/Square/or Narrow Push Pads – You have probably seen these versions of wireless and motion sensored automatic door openers when you enter a public building. It has the handicap logo on it and is simple to use. With just a press of the pad, the door opens and stays open long enough to enter or exit. These are not just for public spaces; you can have this type of automated door opener installed in your home. 
  • Keyless Entry Pad – Both caretakers and wheelchair users agree that the safety feature of a keyless entry pad provides peace of mind. It is quick and easy to use. Rather than standing at your door struggling with your keys, enter the code, and the door opens.  
  • Remote Control – This is the most convenient and popular among automated door openers. The remote control can easily mount to a wheelchair or handheld. With a push of a button, the remote door opens. It is the perfect solution for anyone in a wheelchair or who has limited mobility and living independently. 
  • Model 133 Swinging Door Opener – You will usually find this automatic door opener on one of your heavier doors. It comes with the standard remote control. It is helpful since it holds so much weight. You will no longer struggle with opening a heavy door with this option. 

At Next Day Access, we are proud to offer a variety of solutions to help achieve independently living. We want to help you keep your home as safe and comfortable as possible. With a free home evaluation, we provide you the necessary steps to keep you in your home. If you are interested in learning more about our automated door openers or any of our other accessibility and mobility products, contact us today.