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A patient lift in a bedroom is an access product that provides benefits to both patients and caregivers. Our patient lift  in Twin Cities, MN is a medical equipment that assists a caregiver in moving a patient with disabilities– from a bed to a wheelchair, from a bed to a bathroom to access a bathtub, shower and toilet, or from the bed to other household areas. The lift was developed to protect both patient and caregiver from mishaps during moving.

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Next Day Access in the Twin Cities sells two types of patient lifts. One is free-standing, to be installed over a bed or in a bathroom. The other is a ceiling lift connected to the home’s ceiling to provide maximum flexibility when maneuvering the person with disabilities from the bed to other household areas.

Each type offers different benefits. The conveniences of a fixed-lift system include a higher lift capacity, an easy-to-use battery charger, durability and an unobtrusive, easy-to-use carry bar. The conveniences of a fixed ceiling lift are a powerful motor unit that is contained in the track system and functions as a permanent transfer and lifting solution. The fixed ceiling track system can be utilized in one area or be utilized when transporting a person between rooms.

The setting up of patient lifts in Twin Cities, MN can be done in simple configurations or for complex situations that help patients and caregivers achieve optimal flexibility.

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