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Regain Freedom of Movement with Stair Lifts

Whether your home is in the Twin Cities, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, or all points in between, it is likely you derive pleasure and comfort from the best-loved spaces in your house. Why would you want to accept limited access to all these spaces? A stair lift allows you or your loved ones to move easily and safely between levels of your house.

Next Day Access in the Twin Cities sells the best stair lifts on the market. With outstanding craftsmanship and beautiful touches, our stair lifts can carry a range of weight capacities and be placed in a variety of areas. A powered swivel chair or folding rails for the bottom of the staircase are also available, and do away with any interference from the rail that might cause congestion in high traffic areas or interfere with doorways in the home.


Outdoor Stair Lift

outdoor stair liftThe advantages of a stair lift can provide assistance on the outside as well. Next Day Access in the Twin Cities sells an unobtrusive and durable stair lift for a house’s exterior. From the front door to a sidewalk, your vacation cabin door to a deck, or a sidewalk to a raised back door, the outdoor stair lift lets you regain ease of access that lets you maintain your complete lifestyle. There is no cause to worry about weather-related damage, either. The outdoor stair lift was created with a specially designed cover system to keep the lift from the weather, and can be engaged whenever no one needs the lift.

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