Every Tuesday, a group of men called the Tuesday Toolmen gather for a voluteer program that helps out the elderly and disable in their community. They build wheelchair ramps and help out with home repairs for those who struggle to take care of them on their own. 

This kind group of men aim to help individuals live at home for as long as possible. The Tuesday Toolmen have been working for their community for over 20 years, and are made up by retired men in the Kalamazoo area.

They have done over 200 wheelchair ramps, and in 2015 they completed 165 home repairs, 97 barrier free renovations, and 24 ramps. 

Read more about the Tuesday Toolmen at the WWMT website.

Wheelchair Ramp

Interested in your own wheelchair ramp?

Wheelchair ramps are a common accessibility and mobility solution for homes. They allow for safe, independent, and easy access for entering and exiting the front door, backyard door, garage, or throughout the house and are ADA compliant.

Whatever type of residential ramp you choose, wherever you may need one on your stairs, and whether you have chosen to rent or purchase, Next Day Access will work to make the installation fast, safe, and pleasant.

Many of our ramps call be installed very quickly. Your product will be available for use in just a few hours! Any interruption to your daily activities will be minimal because we know your time and privacy are important to you.

Our team of dedicated professionals are happy to assist you in financing your next accessibility project. In some cases, additional financing may be available through various financing partners.

Please note: financing and rental options differ with each location.