Grab Bars & Bath Safety

Being such a small addition, our grab bars can provide a significant amount of safety for bathroom accessibility! Grab bars offers a much safer approach to accessing your shower or toilet and can be installed by our professionals in just a matter of hours. Our grab rails are primarily used as toilet safety rails and shower rails, which be installed in almost any home bathroom.

The bathroom is the smallest but the most common room in the home where slips and falls occur for people of all ages. Grab bars can help with safe mobility and help prevent many bathroom-related accidents. Having a grab bar in your bathroom to help stand or sit is necessary to move with stability and comfortability.

Houston Dark Grab Bars

Next Day Access Greater Toronto Installs Grab Bars

Next Day Access offers grab bar installation services to provide a safe and independent environment in your home. Whether it’s to provide stability when standing and sitting, or to lend a hand when getting in and out of the shower, Next Day Access can install a range of quality grab bars.

Stay Safe in Your Bathroom

Creating a sense of security within a home allows for a greater feeling of independence for that person. Something as small as a grab bar, which aids in the stability of a person, will give them – and you – peace of mind.

Grab Bar Installation Photos