Have you come to the realization that it’s not as easy to navigate your home as it used to be — especially when your home has multiple levels? Whether you’re dealing with a long-term injury or are simply aging and having a more difficult time getting around, a home elevator may be a great solution. Part one of our three-part series on home elevators explains some of the reasons why you might find one to be beneficial in your home.

Peace of Mind in Your Home

Climbing up and down stairs can be unnerving for people who don’t have the best balance. A stair lift is a good option for some, but an elevator in the home eliminates virtually any possibility of a trip-and-fall scenario when going from one floor to another. This peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about falling up or down the stairs is worth it on its own.

Complete Household Duties Safely and Easily

Most homeowners with a multi-story home don’t realize how much they go up and down the stairs every day. Even tasks as simple as carrying laundry, bags, groceries or anything else can become burdensome without a chair lift or elevator in the home. Elevators give you the ability to hop in and ride up smoothly without even having to bend your knees!

Expand The Open Space In Your Home

Staircases are a part of every multi-story home, so it’s sometimes hard to notice exactly how much space they take up. A home elevator typically takes up much less space than a staircase, so you’ll have more open space to maneuver around whichever floor you’re on. The extra open space also creates more of a welcoming environment if you have a caregiver or have guests over frequently. Not to mention the added home value if you ever decide to sell your home!

At Next Day Access, we know you probably have a lot of questions about whether a home elevator is right for you. Start out by evaluating your needs and challenges in your home and determine whether installing one could solve a lot of problems. We can also talk you through all possible benefits and downfalls to help you make the right decision. Then it’s time to consider your budget. Part two of our series explores the affordability of home elevators.