A common assumption is that seniors visit the emergency room mostly for medical emergencies like strokes and heart attacks. While these are reasons for visiting the emergency room, there are plenty of other reasons as well. According to the World Health Organization, more than 37 million fall accidents each year result in some sort of medical attention being needed, and many of those can end up in the emergency room. Here are top reasons seniors visit the emergency room.

Injuries Suffered From Falling

Falls among seniors are mostly preventable if the necessary precautions are taken. Installing a wheelchair ramp to the home’s entryways can prevent falls, and you don’t have to be confined to a wheelchair for it to be valuable. Seniors with mobility limitations may have trouble lifting their feet even a few inches to make a step up, so eliminating even a small step can prove to be much safer. Grab bars in common areas can also help prevent falls and are simple to install. With falls being one of the main reasons why seniors visit the emergency room every year, these small investments are worth it.

Heart Conditions

Heart conditions are another leading reason for emergency room visits. Seniors sometimes have to seek emergency care if they experience sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, exhaustion, or other similar health concerns. Some seniors may not realize they have a heart condition until one of these symptoms arise. But others who are aware of their condition should maintain healthy habits as much as possible and follow their medical professional’s recommendations to prevent emergency room visits.

Adverse Reactions To Medication

It’s natural for older people to require more medication than younger people. Whether it’s for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or anything else, medication can help regulate appropriate body levels. However, some seniors may experience adverse reactions to new medication or accidentally take the wrong medicine at the wrong time or take improper doses. Having a clear labeling system for medication can prevent many emergency room visits caused by improper medication usage.

Diabetes Complications

People with diabetes must be diligent when it comes to healthy habits. Common complications for people with diabetes include heart attacks, strokes, unstable blood sugar, and dehydration, among other complications. Your medical professional should provide you with a guide on what healthy habits to incorporate into your daily life, and it’s critical to follow them closely to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

Next Day Access can help seniors avoid trips to the emergency room due to tripping and falling. We offer high-quality mobility devices and aids to help seniors navigate their homes safely. Everything from a wheelchair ramp to grab bars and anything in between can go a long way in improving the safety of your home. When you contact us, we will provide you with a free home assessment with recommendations on how you can make your home safer and potentially prevent emergency room visits in the future.