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No one wants a slippery or unsafe wheelchair ramp. At Next Day Access, we encourage you to follow these tips on keeping your wheelchair ramp safe and clean during the winter months’ precipitation cycles.

How To Keep Your Wheelchair Ramp Safe And Clean

Make sure the tread is in safe working order on your ramp

When you order your ramp from Next Day Access, it comes with sturdy treading to ensure you and your caregiver can keep a steady footing on the ramp. When winter weather is coming down, it is essential that you add either rock salt to the ramp or kitty litter to keep the tread working properly. You can protect the tread by adding these products which offer a sturdier footing on the ramp. 

Keep an eye on the weather

When you notice the snow in the forecast, purchase an anti-icing solution, and apply it to the ramp. Often, these are the same products used on roads or other paved surfaces to keep them safe for cars and pedestrians. When you apply an anti-icing solution, it helps to keep snow from building up on the ramp. 

Have a relative or caregiver shovel the ramp

Depending on the climate where you live, shoveling your ramp could be a daily activity. Keeping the ramp clear of snow and debris will help you easily use it and you can add the anti-icing solution or rock-salt easier once the ramp is clear. The rock salt will melt any lingering snow. It is helpful to shovel the snow, no matter how light the dusting to keep the ramp safe and clean. 

Use a plastic shovel and thick bristled broom

When clearing your ramp of snow, instead of using a metal shovel, it is best to use a thick bristled broom or plastic shovel. These tools are gentler on your ramp and less likely to cause scratches or dents.  

Travel with a caregiver or family member over a ramp during the winter months

If possible, try to wait until you have someone to help you navigate the ramp in winter. Even with all the preventative measures, we mentioned there could be a missed ice patch on the ramp which could cause you to slip and fall. Overall, remember during the winter months to exercise caution. 

At Next Day Access, we hope you stay warm and cozy this winter season. If you find yourself having any issues with your ramp, contact us. We offer a variety of ramps to keep you safe this winter season. 

A fall for an aging loved one can be detrimental because their bones are more brittle causing a hospital visit. We at Next Day Access want to help prevent falls for you or your aging loved one.

We understand sometimes older adults could be on medication that could cause dizziness which makes them more likely to fall. To ensure safety this winter season, here is a list of tips to help you stay safe.

Fall Prevention Tips

  1. When getting out of a car, be sure to use a car handle that slides into your car door or a handle that attaches to the handle near the top of the door. Both help you lean down on them as you exit the vehicle. Once you have your footing, grab arms with your companion and slowly make your way indoors. 
  1. Use handrails when provided. Move slowly, taking your time to use the railing as far as it will get you.
  1. Wearing gloves keep your hands warm and can be helpful when gripping walls or rails. Keeping your hands free can improve your ability to maintain balance. Consider wearing a cross shoulder bag, backpack, or fanny pack.
  1. Concentrate on the path ahead without distractions, and walk slowly. Make sure to firmly plant each foot on the ground as you walk. 
  1. If you have your cell phone on you, call the family member or friend you are meeting. If you are by yourself, ask a store employee or manager to assist you.
  1. Plan ahead for your outing. If you notice treacherous, snowy, icy, rainy, or slippery weather, do your best to rearrange your plans. 
  1. Wear proper footwear. You get a pass on fashion during winter weather! Wear boots or shoes with textured soles with a grip on the bottom that adheres to messy weather. 
  1. If you need a mobility device to help, ensure you have one with a good grip.
  1.  Do not rush. If that means you must leave home sooner, so be it. Rushing can cause a slip. 
  1. Lastly, always ask for help! People are often willing to assist you. 

Let Us Help

At Next Day Access, we want to help keep you safe and avoid falling. Our mission at Next Day Access is to ensure our customers are safe, comfortable, and independent. Contact us for accessibility and mobility equipment you may need.

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