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According to a recent national poll by the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center, older adults and people with disabilities feel there is still a lack of accessible and reliable transportation alternatives. This prevents them from doing what they need to and leaves them feeling without independence, isolated, frustrated and trapped.

More than one in 5 Americans ages 65 and older do not drive, and the demand for transportation is rapidly growing as the boomer population grows. To help meet needs, the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) launched an “Every Ride Counts” campaign. Through the campaign, the NADTC hopes this national effort will increase awareness of local transportation options for people with disabilities and aging adults throughout the United States. 

A stunning 80 percent of young people with disabilities surveyed shared they are often prevented from doing the things they would like to do due to lack of transportation. This difference in lifestyle from their peers is one of the leading causes of isolation which leads to depression. Yet, it isn’t only about where they want to go. Many express the need to make it to doctor’s or other essential appointments and cannot due to transportation issues.  

According to Carol Wright Kenderdine, co-director, NADTC and assistant Vice President of transportation & mobility for Easterseals, “To address this need, particularly in small communities, NADTC recently funded ten community grants to support planning for alternatives, such as volunteer transportation, rideshare options and expanding transit.” Many hospitals do offer appointment pick-up. You simply need to schedule it when you schedule your appointment. Not all doctors and hospitals, however, can provide pick-up to rural areas. 

Thankfully, they say, “we are living in the future,” and apps like Uber are becoming more disability-friendly. Hopefully, we will see more companies like them in the future. If NADTC and companies such as these can combine their efforts, we can lessen the transportation issues people with disabilities and aging adults face.

At Next Day Access, the needs of our customers are important to us. We also support the valiant efforts of NADTC. We offer several products to help people feel safe and comfortable at home and on the go. If you struggle to get around because you lack a vehicle lift on your car, please let us help. Our vehicle lifts are designed to help people move in and out of all vehicles and are easy to use. We urge any drivers for ride-share programs looking into making their vehicle more disability-friendly to contact us today. We can help you install a vehicle lift on your car quickly and efficiently. 

At Next Day Access, we understand no matter the journey, maintaining your independence while staying safe at home or while traveling is essential. Secure your scooter or wheelchair to your automobile with a vehicle lift. Gain access to your home or porch with a vertical platform lift. Ease to a standing position with less pain by using a lift chair. We offer all these products and more! We compiled information on each type of lift product for your convenience, and we hope this helps you choose the right product.

Vehicle Lifts

There are a variety of vehicle lifts for wheelchair users. Since vehicles range from sedans, compact cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, we offer vehicle lifts to fit them all. These different vehicle sizes change which styles of vehicle lifts would work for your situation. 

Vehicle lifts are also designed with various degrees of automation. Some auto lifts work manually, while others range from partially automated to complete automated securement and lifting.

We offer several types of vehicle lifts. Your mobility level, type of vehicle, and automation desires will all be factors in deciding which lift will work best for you. Our experts will happily help you determine the best vehicle lift for your needs.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Next Day Access carries a wide range of vertical platform lifts or VPLs. A vertical platform lift functions similarly to an elevator but is typically used outdoors to reach decks, raised porches, or other elevated areas. This elevator-like mobility solution offers seamless vertical transportation to raised surfaces. The lifts can operate from 2 feet to 12 feet. A VPL is an excellent alternative to wheelchair ramps if space is limited.

Lift Chair Mobility Recliners

Lift chairs look like standard recliners, but they have a vital added feature. With just the push of a button, a lift chair can lift you to an upright position. Lift chairs have a powerful lifting system. When the button is pushed, the chair’s base tilts, causing the back of the chair to lift forward. This feature helps the user into a standing position. Anyone who has difficulty transitioning from sitting to standing because of balance issues or limited mobility can benefit tremendously from a lift chair. Our professionals at Next Day Access can help you choose the best lift chair for your needs.

Contact Next Day Access for a free home assessment, and let us lift you up.

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